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  • BATHING - complete line of medicated baths and grooming products - fur dematting and shaving

  • BOARDING - vaccinations must be current - veterinary-supervised services to meet your pet's needs - cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, and rodents - favorite toys or items that will make your pet's stay with us more enjoyable are welcome

  • CARDIOLOGY - in-house Electrocardiography (EKG), board-certified cardiologist performs consultations and ultrasonography on-site

  • CLIENT EDUCATION - individual approach to wellness and disease prevention  - we strive to provide you with information that will help you make well-informed decisions relating to your pet's health and well-being

  • DENTISTRY - ultrasonic scaling, fluoride treatments, and high-speed polishing

  • DIAGNOSTICS - comprehensive tools which help to detect issues and promote wellness - early detection and treatment of certain conditions may prevent chronic illness

  • EXAMINATIONS - wellness, annual physicals, symptom / diagnosis related

    • State of the art diagnostic equipment provides rapid and accurate results
    • In-house tests include Complete Blood Counts (CBC), Urinalysis, Blood Profiles, and Thyroid Evaluations 
    • More specialized tests performed by nationally recognized laboratories

  • MICROCHIP IDENTIFICATION - a microchip will help identify your pet if lost - unlike a collar, a microchip stays on your pet permanently - dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and rodents may be microchipped

  • NUTRITION COUNSELING - wellness and condition-specific counseling for the ideal diet

  • PET PRODUCTS - flea and tick preventatives including Advantage, K9 Advantix, Frontline, and Certifect - heartworm preventatives including Heartguard and Iverheart - all preventative products are manufacturer-warrantied to USDA and FDA regulations - custom identification tags, ear cleaners, shampoos

  • PHARMACY - comprehensive line of prescription medications for the prevention and treatment of medical conditions - arthritis and pain management medications

  • PRESCRIPTION DIETS - Hill's Science, Purina Prescription, and Royal Canin diets

  • PREVENTATIVES - all products are manufacturer-warrantied to USDA and FDA regulations - vaccinations, flea and tick products, heartworm medications, supplements, digestive aids, vital organ support, and skin products

  • RADIOLOGY - standard and contrast x-rays, and Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) x-rays for detection of genetic disorders such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia

  • SENIOR PET CARE - specialized, species and breed-specific individualized care plans including recommendations for physical examinations, laboratory screening, nutritional needs, dental care, and management of diagnoses

    • Dogs - 7 years of age or older
    • Cats -   6 years of age or older
    • Rabbits - 4 years of age or older
    • Birds and Other Exotics - age varies by species

    • Routine Procedures - spay and neuter, cyst and growth excisions, hernia repairs, laceration repairs, foreign body removals, abdominal surgery and other procedures
    • Specialized Procedures - performed at Sager Animal Hospital by board- certified surgeon or referral to 24 hour facility

    • Dogs and Cats - No food or water should be ingested after 10:00 PM on the night prior to, or the morning of surgery.
    • Ferrets and Birds - No food or water should be ingested on the morning of surgery.
    • Rabbits and Rodents - Fasting is not recommended.

  • PRE-ANESTHESIA TESTING - On the morning of scheduled surgery, we will perform a physical examination to determine your pet's overall wellness.  Certain problems cannot be identified during a physical examination.  We offer pre-anesthesia bloodwork testing which includes a chemistry profile.  It provides baseline information on your pet's vital organ functions particularly the liver and kidneys.  The information is used to determine if your pet is healthy enough to tolerate anesthesia or to determine which anesthetic is best for your pet.

  • PREANESTHESIA TESTING IS BENEFICIAL - We require preanesthesia testing for dogs and cats over three years of age. We strongly recommend preanesthesia testing for younger dogs, cats, and most other pets. Senior pets may require additional testing, depending on their individual profile.

  • SECONDARY PROCEDURES - If your pet needs a nail trim, tooth trim, dental cleaning and/or fluoride treatment, x-rays, microchip, fur de-matting, or a lump excision, we recommend having it done at the same time as the primary surgery.  In addition to reducing the need for more frequent anesthesia, we have found that performing minor procedures is much easier while the patient is anesthetized. 

  • ULTRASONOGRAPHY - Board certified veterinarians conduct ultrasound examinations at Sager Animal Hospital.

  • WELL PET CARE - wellness screening, vaccinations, nutritional support, vitamins, and supplements


  • Senior Citizen - clients age 65 or over
  • Multiple Pet Exams - same day exams
  • New Referral Appreciation
  • Active Military with ID


Payment is required at the time services are rendered.  We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Debit cards.


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