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INITIAL EXAMINATION - We recommend an initial examination within 48 hours of the acquisition of your rabbit.  During this first visit, a thorough physical examination will be performed. You will receive information on routine care, diet, household hazards, caging, and detecting medical problems.

ANNUAL EXAMINATIONS - Examinations are very important in keeping your rabbit healthy.  After the initial examination, most rabbits should have an annual physical examination.  Senior rabbits, and those with a chronic medical condition, may require more frequent examinations.


Four months.
A spay procedure removes the ovaries and uterus, eliminating a chance for pregnancy.  If this procedure is performed at an early age, it will discourage several unwanted female hormone-related behaviors such as spraying, heat cycles, and attracting males.  

There are also several health benefits to this surgery:  decreased risk of mammary tumors, uterine infections, ovarian cysts, and reproductive tract tumors. Uterine tumors are commonly seen in senior rabbits.

Four months.
A neuter procedure removes both testicles.  If this procedure is performed at an early age, it will discourage unwanted male hormone-related behavior such as spraying, mounting behaviors, and seeking out females in heat.  He should be separated from females for two weeks post-operatively to ensure that he is incapable of reproducing.  A neutered pet has a reduced risk of most diseases of the prostate gland and no risk of injury, infection, or cancer of the testicles.

- We recommend that rabbits are fed 1/4 cup, per 5 pounds of body weight, of maintenance pellet, unlimited timothy or mixed grass hay, and a handful of dark green, leafy vegetables (NO SPINACH) each day.

OUTDOOR RABBITS - We will make specific recommendations on nutrition based on your rabbit's breed, age, and environment.

TRIMS - NAIL, TOOTH - Since grooming procedures can be stressful to rabbits, we require that your pet has had a physical examination within the past twelve months.


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