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INITIAL EXAMINATION - We recommend an initial examination within 48 hours of the acquisition of your guinea pig or chinchilla.  During this first visit, you will receive information on routine care, diet, household hazards, caging, and detecting medical problems.

ANNUAL EXAMINATIONS - Examinations are very important in keeping your guinea pig or chinchilla healthy.  After the initial examination, most guinea pigs and chinchillas should have an annual physical examination. 


Three months.
A spay procedure removes the ovaries and uterus, eliminating a chance for pregnancy.  If this procedure is performed at an early age, it will discourage several unwanted female hormone-related behaviors such as spraying, heat cycles, and attracting males.  

There are also several health benefits to this surgery:  decreased risk of mammary tumors, uterine infections, ovarian cysts, and reproductive tract tumors.

MINIMUM AGE: Three months.
A neuter procedure removes both testicles.  If this procedure is performed at an early age, it will discourage unwanted male hormone-related behavior such as spraying, mounting behaviors, and seeking out females in heat.  He should be separated from females for two weeks post-operatively to ensure that he is incapable of reproducing.  A neutered pet has a reduced risk of most diseases of the prostate gland and no risk of injury, infection, or cancer of the testicles.

DIETS - We recommend that guinea pigs and chinchillas are fed 1/8 cup of maintenance pellet, unlimited timothy or mixed grass hay, and a small amount of dark green, leafy vegetables (NO SPINACH) each day.

SPECIAL CONCERNS - A guinea pig's diet should be supplemented with Vitamin C.  Children's chewable or guinea pig vitamins are recommended.

Female guinea pigs who become pregnant for the first time after the age of one year, are at risk of serious dystocia and may require a Cesarean section.


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