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TRANSPORT - To prevent an escape or distraction while you are driving, please transport your bird in a cage or carrier.  If the bird's cage is small enough to transport, we recommend that you bring it.  The cage and accessories can be examined for problems, safety, and signs of illness.  A sheet or blanket placed over the bird's cage may help to reduce travel-related stress.  In colder weather, the covering will also keep the bird warm.  We highly recommend preheating your vehicle prior to transport. 

INITIAL EXAMINATION - We recommend an initial examination within 48 hours of the acquisition of your bird.  During this first visit, you will receive information on routine care, diet, household hazards, caging, detecting medical problems, and any conditions which may be associated with your bird's species.  Laboratory testing will likely be advised.

ANNUAL EXAMINATIONS - Examinations are very important in keeping your bird healthy.  After the initial examination, most birds should have an annual physical examination.  Senior birds, and those with a chronic medical condition, may require more frequent examinations.

LABORATORY TESTS -  Tests may be recommended to establish a baseline profile for your bird and/or to identify specific conditions.

VACCINATIONS - Most pet birds do not require any vaccines.  Some breeder birds and show birds may benefit from vaccines which provide immunity to avian polyoma virus and avian poxvirus.  Your individual bird's profile will be discussed with Dr. Sager upon your visit.

DIETS - Since there are many species of birds, each of which has different nutritional needs, we will make specific recommendations at your bird's initial examination visit.

TRIMS - BEAK, NAIL, WING - Since grooming procedures can be stressful to birds, we require that your pet has had a physical examination within the past twelve months.


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